Image Credit:  Images by Daniel Michael

Ranee is a long time friend of the Moxxie team and we're so happy she decided to make the leap and join us! She is a self proclaimed beauty enthusiast, mother of 2, and a marketing director by day. Ranee's grandmother worked as a model for Vogue Magazine and also trained other models. Inspired by her and the other women in her family, Ranee followed suit, pursing an education in art and photography and even doing some modeling herself. It was during her modeling years that she discovered makeup as she had to learn it for her shoots. After countless hours practicing on other models and educating herself,  Ranee began working in bridal makeup with another Cincinnati based bridal beauty company. She was with them for 5  years and experienced tremendous growth. It was there that she came into her own and blossomed into the outstanding artist her clients and peers know her as today.

Aside from working with brides, her resume includes commercial shoots for Proctor & Gamble, Drees Homes, The Cincinnati Ballet, and multiple shoots with local photographers. Ranee also loves to teach classes! Educating women on how to save time and money with their beauty routine, and showing them her favorite techniques with products from both drug stores and high end lines is one of her favorite things to do. Just like the rest of the Moxxie team, Ranee loves helping people look and feel beautiful on the inside and out. Check out some samples of her stunning work in her portfolio HERE!

Thank you Moxxie! Ranee is the absolute best! She is so sweet and positive and her skills are phenomenal I knew I wanted to do airbrush all along and she is just so good!! She actually did makeup for my friends wedding I was in and I really just felt so great then, I had to use her in my wedding. You can’t go wrong with Ranee, she delivered everything I could’ve asked for.
— The Knot
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