Drug Store Products: Our Top Picks!

While we are super particular about carrying the highest quality products in our kits, we have several drug store gems in our personal arsenals that we adore! Here are some of our favorites:

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water

This is a clear fluid that looks and feels like water. It’s full of little cleansing agents called micelles that magically attract both water and oil out of your skin. Simply soak a cotton pad with it and sweep over your face to totally remove all makeup and oil. Our favorite part about it is, you don’t have to wash it off afterwards! And, if you watch your Sunday paper, there are often coupons for Simple products. Just last week, I stocked up on several bottles, thanks to coupons and the sale at my local grocery store. 

L'Oréal Paris Blow Dry It Blow Out Longwear Spray

Despite the long winded and wordy name, this is actually just a dry shampoo and it smells SOOOOO good! You might just find yourself using it just to get yummy smelling hair. Bonus – It works great too! No heavy gunky feeling left in your hair, just fresh, delicious smelling clean and refreshed shiny locks.

Cover Girl The Super Sizer Mascara

CG has had many amazing mascara forumulas come out over the years but this one is by far our favorite. Its both a lengthening and volumizing mascara that works so well, you will swear your lashes just doubled in length!

L'oreal pro Matte infallible gloss

We were intrigued by the name of this little gem since it’s quite the oxymoron – the words “matte” and “gloss” don’t really go together. But it turns out that the name is the perfect description for it. It has a matte finish but has a lovely soft and dreamy texture. It’s by far the most comfortable drug store matte lip formula we’ve come across. The best part? It’s super long wearing!

Revlon ColorStay Foundation

This is by far our favorite drug store foundation and there are many out there to choose from! What we like about this one is the beautiful finish, and how long it lasts. The name says it all, it really does stay looking fresh for hours and hours! The first time I personally used it, I was amazed at how much it reminded me of Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. It even smelled the same! But the best thing about this foundation is the fact that its been relaunched with a brand new formula (yay for a higher SPF!) and new packaging with a pump! No more wasting product and no more mess!  This tried and true gem will never let you down and is an outstanding substitute if you don’t want to drop a pretty penny at a counter at the mall.

Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain

I’ve honestly found that in order to get a decent lipstain, you really do have to pony up and buy high end. Most drug store brands miss the mark, and put out sub par formulas that wear off fast and really dry out your lips. Enter Just Bitten Lipstain. While it still can be quite drying, it does come with a lip balm that helps combat it somewhat. It is otherwise a very good product that, while it still doesn’t compare to higher end brands, is by far the best drug store option for a lipstain.

Jordana Rock N Rose Lipliner

This little gem will run you about $2. It’s a retractable pencil that has a matte finish and smooth silky feel. We love it because it’s the perfect neutral that pairs beautifully with just about any drug store or luxury brand lipstick or gloss in the neutral family. Jordana products can be found at Walgreens, as well as on Amazon.

Sonia Kashuk Ultra Luxe Lip Gloss

This post would not be complete without mentioning one of our favorite drug store lines. I personally carry a lot of SK in my gym bag – I just don’t like to carry my good personal makeup to and from the gym because I can’t bear the thought of any of it breaking or getting lost. So I keep a bag of less expensive, but decent products in my gym bag for days I get ready there after a work out. SK Ultra Luxe Lip Gloss does not disappoint. It comes in 8 shades so there is truly something for everyone. The formula has a thicker consistency and is a wee bit sticky, but the opaque coverage and lovely shade range more than make up for it! We love the shade “Fairest Flush”, and love how well it pairs with Jordana Rock N Rose Lipliner!

NYX Wonder Pencil

It doesn’t get any better than this friends! This versatile pencil will cover everything from blemishes to dark circles, all in a space saving pencil! The best part about it is the price! You can pick up this bad boy for less than $5 at Target.

Maybelline New York Eye Studio Master Kajal Eyeliner, Onyx Rush, 0.053 Ounce

This is one that I will admit, is so awesome that in addition to having one in my personal stash, I also keep one in my kit. It has a soft blendable texture that allows endless options for creating many different looks, including the most dramatic smoky eye. But it's also waterproof and super long wearing, a very rare combination in an eyeliner!  We love the long pointed tip because it makes it so easy to apply it in a thin or thick line, above lashes or smudged up underneath them, and it’s our go to for lining the lower waterline. If you are a Subscribe and Save user on Amazon, it's your lucky day! With prime, I get this baby as cheap as $4.88, every few months. That’s right, I actually have it in my subscriptions and it’s shipped to my house regularly. I use it and love it THAT much.

There you have it folks! Our favorite drug store products that we keep in our personal makeup bags. We love them and know you will too! 

Stay tuned for our next post - our favorite luxury products!