Why a bridal Makeup trial run is necessary.

Sometimes, our brides ask us if a bridal trial run is necessary. They wonder, is it something I need to spend an additional $75-$100 on? While we realize that skipping your trial could save some cash, our answer to this question is almost always YES. Yes your bridal trial run is very necessary! 

Image: Jenn Prine

Would you skip your hair trial? Or your final fitting for your gown? Would you skip your cake tasting, or the food tasting with your venue or caterer? Would you decline the option to give your DJ a final play list, or not proofread your invitations before having them printed? No? Alrighty then. Your makeup is no different! 

A makeup trial is an opportunity for several important things to happen:

1) You discover if you and your artist are compatible. Do you mesh? Did you feel your artist understood your desired look, or better yet, help you discover it if you weren't sure what you wanted? 

2) You discover what you want. Sometimes, our clients will bring in a photo from Pinterest of makeup they like. But when they see it on, realize that while it looked nice on Gwyneth Paltrow, it wasn't exactly their personal style. Or, they don't know what they want, their artist suggests something that they don't think sounds like something they'd like, but when they see it on, they fall in love with it! Wouldn't you rather figure all of that out before the wedding than on the wedding day? 

3) It's practice for your artist. Look, we are really good at what we do. But every face is different and it's been my experience that I am usually able to design a look at the trial, and then execute it 100X better on the wedding day because I've done it once already. I am able to approach it with a plan, rather than having to create something on the spot. Have you ever tried cooking a new recipe and it turns out really good? But then the second time you try it, it turns out even better??! Makeup is the same way, except it's much easier to change a lip color than it is to fix an over seasoned casserole! And while we've worked on hundreds of faces, it's the first time we've worked on yours. While we can certainly make you look stunning on the first try, it's still even better to have that first time happen before the wedding, because it will be even better on the big day! Besides, trial runs are fun and relaxing, and many brides plan them them for the same day as their engagement or boudoir shoots, bachelorette parties, or bridal showers, which is a true win-win! 

So, don't forget to schedule your super fun and very necessary bridal makeup trial run! You will be glad you did when your wedding day rolls around! We promise.