The Benefits of Airbrush Foundation

Why Airbrush Foundation is a Bride's BFF on her Wedding day.

As you probably know, our services include airbrush foundation.

But what's so great about it, you ask? Aside from it being super cool and just fun, it actually is better for an event like your wedding because of the many benefits it offers. 

Anna Lee Photogrpahy

Anna Lee Photogrpahy

Just like traditional hand applied foundation, airbrush foundation comes in varying formulas. We've had so many clients say, "I had airbrush foundation once and I didn't like it." Since not all airbrush formulas are the same, nor are the artists who apply it, one shouldn't judge it based on one experience. The three most common formulas are:

Alcohol Based -  Typically used for body art, prosthetics, and special effects.

Water Based - Made for the face and basic beauty uses. Dries to a matte finish and very long wearing (16+ hours), generally very transfer resistant. It's not considered water resistant, but if you shed a few tears at your wedding, it will stay put. 

Silicone Based - Also made for the face and basic beauty uses. Dries to a more dewey finish and is also water and transfer resistant. And by "water resistant" here, we mean, you could swim with it and it'd stay put.

Most wedding makeup artists use either silicone based or water based formulas. Our team uses both, depending on the individual artist. Sarah and Jenny use water based, Jenn mostly uses water based but also carries silicone based formulas too. 

The outcome of your airbrush foundation depends largely on what type of formula and brand your artist uses as well as HOW they apply it. The first benefit of airbrush foundation is it's versatility, as it can be tailored to the client's preferences, needs and individual skin type. Your artist has total and complete control over how much they apply to your face because they can control how much product comes out of their airbrush, as well has how much compressed air is used to apply it. They can also choose to use a brush that has a smaller, or wider spray pattern. Most airbrush guns offer a spray pattern range of "hairline" to 2" round. This allows them to cover every part of your face evenly, from your chin, forehead and cheeks, to under your eyes, around your nose and hairline, with absolute precision.  Your artist can also sheer out the product, if you didn't want a full coverage result. Many people just want a wash of color, and this is easily achieved by diluting the foundation with an appropriate mixing medium. 

Both water based and silicone based airbrush foundations are favorable over traditional hand applied foundation because they photograph so beautifully, which is essential on your wedding day! As explained here by our friends at Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics,  The spray dot pattern that an airbrush puts down on your face is very similar to the pixelated dot pattern used by high definition cameras. Therefore, it registers less on camera than the patterns and trace lines left behind by sponges and brushes. These patterns are typically invisible to the naked eye, but are really noticeable in a HD photo or video. 

But how many times have we seen photos of someone with awesome makeup, but learned that in person, it was super thick and looked "overdone"? Here is why airbrush foundation is a bride's best friend: It looks awesome in IRL too! It yields a full, opaque coverage with a very thin layer of product. I can usually do a whole face with about 5 drops of foundation. It is so comfortable and light that even with full coverage, it looks and feels like you have no makeup on at all. Airbrushing truly leaves you with a flawless finish that looks gorgeous both in person and in photographs. 

Yet another benefit of it is, it is quick! We can apply your foundation in less than 1/4 of the time it would take us if we were using traditional foundation, and on a wedding day when time is tight, this is a huge plus! 

Have you hair airbrush foundation before? What were your favorite things about it?