Our Newest Obsession: Becca Backlight Targeted Color Corrector

We simply cannot stop swooning over this amazing product! These little pots of pure pigment are like magic erasers for under your eyes.

They come in four shades: Peach (a bright orange), Papaya (red), Violet (purple, obviously), and Pistachio (green). We are going to focus on the two that are best for under eye correction : Papaya and Peach. They look intensely bright in the pot and you're probably thinking, "You want me to put THAT on my FACE? Under my EYES? I will look like a drunk clown!" Remember how I said they are like magic? I promise, you will not look clownish in the slightest. 

Color correcting products have been around for years, but most have them have come in a medium that has the same consistency as a concealer. This meant that we've basically had to pile concealer on top of concealer, and unless you have the time and patience in the morning to properly blend in your corrector before applying your concealer over it, you'd wind up with a thick, creasy, gunky mess. I don't know about you, but I ditched color correcting a while ago because ain't no body got time for that. I use my concealer and just deal with whatever haggard darkness that bleeds through. (I've always still taken the time to color correct client's though, of course!!!)

What makes this product so refreshingly different is, they AREN'T a cream. Well, they are creamy in texture, but the product actually goes on like a stain. It disappears into your skin, leaving no gunk, no buildup, and no dark circles!  Apply your concealer over it and you're done! Because it's literally pure pigment, the teeniest, tiniest little dot is enough to cancel out your entire under eye area, which makes the $30 price much more palatable. One little pot will likely last at least 6 months.

So let's break it down; what color is best for who? 

Papaya - This red corrector will cancel out dark spots or under eye circles for those with dark complexions. African Americans or Indian ladies will benefit the most from this shade.

Peach - Same as above, but for beige to medium complexions. And when I say "medium" I mean a range of light/medium to someone who is middle eastern. This is likely the most versatile shade of them all. I've used it on many a caucasian woman and it's worked fabulously! Again, using a very light hand and using a tiny amount are the key to getting results from this product.

Pistachio and Violet are more for correcting other areas of your face. Pistachio (green) fixes redness and Violet corrects dullness for those with yellow undertones. 

These products have become a staple in our kits. Clients love them and we do too! Pick yours up at Sephora.