Never Wear Makeup? Why You Still Need To Hire A Pro Artist For Your Wedding.

I NEVER wear makeup, do I need it for my wedding day?

YES! Absolutely! 

WHY? –  Many reasons!

FIRST: You are going to be in a white (or off white) dress that washes out your skin. Makeup will offset this by bringing out your skin's natural glow. Also, if you were going to a formal event, would you get all dressed up, and get your hair done, but not do anything with your face? It's your FACE, so we're thinking not. 

SECOND:  You are going to be photographed A LOT. You want your features to show up, and your skin to look even and flawless. Even the most gorgeous person with the most perfect skin, still needs makeup. Would Kim K show up on the red carpet without her face on? Nope! And you shouldn't either.

THIRD: HD Photography and videography equipment is continuously improving, which means that every aspect of your skin is going to show up like a glaring sore thumb. Makeup, airbrushed or otherwise, will help smooth everything out

But, what if you never wear makeup, and you want to look like yourself, i.e. you don’t want to look “made up”?  All the more reason to hire a makeup artist! In fact, anyone who wants a “no makeup look” especially needs to hire a qualified professional because it is the most difficult look to create. It takes years of practice to perfect it! 

If you’re having a hard time picturing it, here's a photo from a shoot I did for a nail treatment company. It looks like she has very little to no makeup on right? She actually has on foundation, concealer, lip stick, blush, liner, shadow, brow gel, and mascara! 

Photo: Deogracias Lerma

Photo: Deogracias Lerma


And here is another example, this time of an actual bride of mine from a few years ago. (Thank you David Stephen for the photo!). Again, she looks like she’s got no makeup on, but in fact she's wearing everything: foundation, powder, blush, eyeshadow, liner, mascara, false lashes, brow gel, and lipgloss. 

The benefits of this look, of course, are that you still look barefaced, but your skin tone is brighter and more even, your eyes look awake and endearing, and your features are defined – all things you want for your wedding day, and it’s all possible to capture without making you look “makeupy” 

In both examples, do you see how lovely and natural they both look? How nicely their complexions and eyes photographed? Both of them were very pretty ladies, but that seemingly effortless beauty didn’t just happen magically. They had help! 

A professional wedding makeup artist can do a range of looks, including the most natural and neutral! Hiring an artist does NOT mean you are signing up for super heavy/dramatic/gawdy makeup. If you are careful about who you hire (ie - an experienced professional), and you make your preferences known, you can easily get even the most natural wedding makeup. 

If you are STILL having trouble visualizing how awesomeness of the "no makeup look", please check out two photos from other artists who've got this skill down pat! 

Left Image-  Makeup: Kevin James Bennett, Photo:  Courtney Dailey Croll

Right Image: From the Blog, My Lucite Dreams.