Megan and Kyle: Married!

What a lovely couple Megan and Kyle are, and they chose such a delightful venue for their special day! The wedding and reception were both at The Ohio Barn Bed & Breakfast and as you will see from some of these photos, it was spectacular! What we loved most was the beautiful lighting in the rooms where the girls got ready. Jenn chose a cozy nook with beautiful beams of light streaming in, and as you can see from the photos from Woodlander's Photography, she had the perfect light to work in, as well as for capturing some magical images!  

Hair credit: Aimee Daley.

I could stare at this picture all day, just look at that beautiful bride in that gorgeous light!

Jenn's got allllll the fancy tools in her kit! She has a brush collection most of us would kill for! 

We love this idea! How each of her bridesmaids met her! So clever and cute!


Congratulations Megan and Kyle!